Personal Training Plan

A personal training plan starts by me evaluating your basic fitness level in order to help you make progress and effectively transform your body. Working out regularly will get you results in minimum time. Having a personal training plan to guide you will keep you motivated.

Don’t Need a Trainer, Just a Personal Training Plan

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If you the type of person that does not need a personal trainer because you have the self motivation, this is a good option for you. I will create a plan based on your goals and specific needs based on training twice per week for only $145 CDN. I will update the plan on a monthly basis. Get the benefits of having a personal trainer and work on your own.

Having a plan and then discussing the results with a trainer is sure to keep you motivated.


A Personal Training Plan means changing the intensity and difficulty of the exercises according to your athletic ability. If you want to make progress, your workout shouldn’t become an easy routine. Each workout should be enjoyable but also push you beyond your limits. That’s why it is essential to have your workout plan revised regularly. Regular evaluations enable your online workout program to efficiently give you a program that will help you make progress over the long term.
I can create a workout program to lose weight, run a marathon, or just get back in shape.

personal training plan

Use a Personal Training Plan to Stay Motivated

The other benefit of a personal training plan is that you will also get customized fitness tracking. I will will guide you as you make progress and motivate you to help push you forward. You will stay motivated no matter what.

You’ll discover exercises with detailed descriptions and explanations from to help you effectively work your muscles. With my guidance, you’ll do the exercises correctly in order to avoid injury.

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Have a personalized training plan developed to fit your goals and needs
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