Online Training Prices

Online Training

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Type of Session (Hour Sessions)Cost per Session in CDN$
****Trial Session (just for 1st trial)****$40.00
Online Personal Training$65.00
Block of 10 Personal Training Sessions ($550 CDN)$550.00
Online Nutritional Coaching Once First Session$80.00
Online Nutritional Coaching After First Session$65.00

Blocks of 10 Sessions

Online Training prices start at $55 per hour session, so long as you purchase the training in blocks of 10 at $550 CDN. Use the sessions whenever you like.

Pay as You Go

Finally, if you would like to train just once per week and you would like to pay as you go, the cost is $65 per session.

Why Are Online Training Prices Less Expensive?

Online training prices are considerably less expensive that the in person pricing. The reason is that there is less down time for me in that I do not have to travel. This means that I can pass that savings on to you.

Online Nutrition Coaching Sessions

Online Nutrition Coaching is $80 CDN for the first session. After the first session, you will pay for each session either individually on a pay as you go basis at $65 per session, or you purchase a block of 10 sessions of nutrition sessions which you can substitute for online training sessions for $450 CDN.

Real Rate in USD

Note that the online training prices are in Canadian Dollars. If you are paying in USD, $65 dollars is approximately $50, and $45 CDN is approximately $35. Get the current rate HERE.

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