On this page I will post video and pictures of Special Moments that I have had with meeting notable people. I have had the opportunity to meet many famous people. As a result, I have learned much about people in these positions.

Prior to coming to Canada, I worked with many of the who’s who in Russia including top level politicians, entertainers, and oligarchs. After that I came to Canada and I have had the opportunity to meeting many famous people here in Canada and in the USA.

Lessons Learned from Moments

The one take away I have from meeting all of these people is that fame and money do not make you happy or solve your problems. People are people, no matter who they are. In the media we see these famous people driving expensive cars and living in expensive homes. However, we do not see the real person.

Imagine being so wealthy that you could buy anything. I have spoken to people who are in this position. They complain that their lives are empty. That nothing seems to make them happy. I am sure many people would say “that’s a problem I would like to have”, however, I can tell you that for these people, it is a real problem. 

Our lives are all different and the challenges are all different for each and every one of us.  Above all, what is important is to live well and live long, and to enjoy the time we have.

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  1. John Salley

John Salley, Save on Personal Training, Irina Marchenkova, Victoria, Toronto, Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa, Personal Trainer

Irina Marchenkova and John Salley

2. Mark Lester, Producer

Irina Marchenkova Victoria, Victoria, Toronto, Ajax, Personal Trainer Pickering, Personal Trainer Whitby, Personal Trainer Oshawa, Personal Trainer, Fitness Trainer Ajax

Irina Marchenkova with Mark Lester, Producer

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